Piceno Consind, under L.R. 48/96, is the competent body for the release of opinions of urbanistic conformity for the buidings instance on the territories of the 6 managed industrial agglomerations.
The authorisation procedures are quick and the istances are completed in 7/10 days. The rights of inquiry are established by the regulation of the Consortium.
Piceno Consind is also the competent body for the urban planning in the managed agglomerations: its activity takes place in the approval of the General Urban Development Plan, the Implementation Plan and all the variants of the regulatory instruments.
The timetable depends on the procedure of the involvement of other bodies in the procedures, and so it is not possible to give indicative elements.
The current urban planning tools are:

For further information:
surveyor Luigi Lattanzi
tel. 0736223637 e-mail: luigi.lattanzi@picenoconsind.com
surveyor Lorenzo Capponi
tel. 0736223651 e-mail: ufficio.tecnico@picenoconsind.com
For payments of rights of inquiries:
IBAN: IT15 Q 07601 13500 000057423808
Postal Current Account: 57423808 registered to Piceno Consind