Piceno Consind realised and manages about 30 kms of principal and secondary road traffic in the agglomerations of Ascoli, Monsampolo-Monteprandone and Venarotta. In the other agglomerations the road traffic has been realised and managed by the responsible Municipalities.
Piceno Consind ensure the management and the maintenance of the traffic and the public lighting, by a partner firm in the agglomeration of Ascoli and the prompt intervention in the other agglomerations.

In addition, in the conurbation of Ascoli-Maltignano, there are about 50000 mq of mass transit system and around 5000 ml. of channels of rainwater disposal. Even in this case, Piceno Consind treats, thanks to partner firms, the periodical maintenance of these artefacts (mowing, cutting, tree trimming, canals cleaning, etc.) to improve the security in the whole conurbation.

For the regular and extraordinary maintenance activities of road traffic, lighting, ditches and channels and the buffer zone, no burden in requested to the partner firms and the Municipalities.
For reports and emergences:

–Public lighting:
Electrical systems/installations Fioravanti Gabriele (ON CALL 24/24h
–Other facilities:
surveyor Massimo Feliziani
tel. 0736223628 e-mail: