Piceno Consind has the purpose to promote the development of productive, industrial, artisanal, commercial actions, as well as tertiary services in the municipalities of the Consortium.
The body now manages 6 industrial agglomerations:

  • Ascoli Piceno-Maltignano (550 hectares)
  • Monsampolo-Monteprandone (190 hectares)
  • Offida-Castignano (65 hectares)
  • Comunanza-Force-Rotella (170 hectares)
  • Venarotta (29 hectares)
  • Arquata del Tronto (11 hectares).

The competences of Piceno Consind about managing industrial agglomerations are determined by L.R. 48/96 e s.m.i., including:

  • Acquisition and designing of equipped areas for business establishments (craft, productive, services, commercial).
  • Designing and realisation of urban works and services,
  • Allocation and sale of plots in equipped areas, following the criteria established from the Management Committee
  • Construction in the equipped areas of buildings, implants and laboratories, as well as recover of unused industrial buildings
  • Construction and management of aqueduct implants, sewage and industrial purification
  • Realisation and management of technological implants for the distribution of methane gas and other networks of implants.
  • Adoption of urban planning instruments for the areas of the competent industrial agglomerations, prior advice of the municipalities of the Consortium.
  • Release of opinions about the urbanistic conformity of the constructions to install in the territory of the Consortium and their intended use.